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Want to keep your loved ones, staff, and property safe from intruders at all times? United Security Systems, Inc. will help you restrict unauthorized personnel from getting into your property or building and will protect your investment and the people who work for you.


You will know who is on your residential or commercial property at all times with our highly-efficient access control systems. Our restricted access systems and access badges will help you maintain control over who you want to and don't want to allow access to your property.

Control access to your property with our security services

  • Honeywell

  • Kantech

  • GE

  • Linear

  • Keri

Custom products and services to enhance the security of your

home or office

Provide a safe and secure work environment to your employees. Monitor and keep track of who can access your property.

Improve security at your home and office. Call us for details.


  • HES

  • Aiphone

  • Securitron

  • NuTone

  • IEI and many more

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