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Are you always worried about the safety of your elderly parents while you're away? With our Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS), senior citizens can now call for help from anywhere at home at with just a press of a button. Allow us to install a personal emergency response service system in your home.


With PERS, you can get instant access to request medical attention, ask help from the fire department, or call the local police. Maintain your independence without compromising on safety.

Get personal emergency response with only a push of a button

  • PERS installation requires a live telephone line and a working electrical outlet, and it's connected to a round-the-clock call center operated by EMERgency24.

  • After installation, wear your emergency transmitter at all times as a lightweight necklace, a wristband, or clip it to your belt.

  • In an emergency, push the button — it will send a signal to a receiver connected to your home telephone line.

  • You can communicate with a trained EMERgency24 staff member who will determine if a call should be placed to a designated family member, friend, or emergency service.

  • Should you be unable to speak, an EMERgency24 staff member will let you know that help is on its way.

You'll get emergency services whenever you need

Get an economical, hassle-free solution for your independent safety and security needs.

Personal emergency response service for quick attention - call


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